Thursday, July 8, 2010


What does Naughty mean to you? Is it Naughty to eat an extra dessert? Is it Naughty to sneek a peek at some super-mega-foxy-hot-cutie? Is it Naughty to be willful and live your own lifestyle regardless of what is dictated by the societal norms of the moment? Hmm, probably all of the above and lots more. So, Naughty is fun and spontaneous, a smoodge daring and yes, willful.

I hope we are all a bit Naughty and all a bit Nice. Naughty Angels if you will? A Naughty Angel will flaunt and flounce and savor all of life’s juicy moments. Yet, while being true to themselves, in the deepest sense they are always caring of others and carry with them a message for those who choose to listen.

I have four Naughty Angels bouncing around in my head and on the pages of my sketchbook. Somehow they are all part me and part those that I have encountered in my life. The first Naughty Angel that I share with you is “Pinkie.” Don’t ask because I do not know why. She is first and Pinkie is her name and I can’t change it. Yes, I tried.

So tell/share what is your naughty pleasure?
Oh, and always...



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  1. Amazing! I had a naughty moment today when I experienced a severe case of willful mistaken identity. ;)