Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four -n- Twenty Blackbirds

I love blackbirds, ravens, magpies. You name it, your basic crow. Just adore them! I know they are not trendy like cute little sparrows but I can't help it. That's the way it is.  I see one go strutting by and I just smile out loud.

One of Those Moments

Maybe it's the oh so long tail feathers or, the way the sun shines on the bird's glistening black and seems to, on occasion, turn the feathers to a gorgeous purpley blue. Maybe, it started with the Beatles classic or gothic depictions in movies and poems. Don't know. Guess it doesn't matter. What is curious though is the reaction, even from friends, at the mention of my infatuation.  Odd looks or a chuckle indicating that they "know" I'm joking. I'm not.

Rose and Raven

Guess I never realized how deeply ingrained an animal superstition could be! But then, I'm not spooked by black cats either.

Just Us Two

Having always been interested in the origins of fortune telling, folk lore and such I was not too suprised to find that crows have been used for the purpose of divination since the time of ancient Rome. Apparently, it was long held that your fortune could be told not only by the size of the flock but by the direction in which the birds were flying. Talk about leaving your fate up in the air!

Flock of Birds

But... ravens were also considered royal birds. Legend has it that King Arthur turned into one AND that two ravens sent from heaven, guided Alexander the Great safely across the desert. That's my kinda bird!

Morning Report

silky blackbird, shimmer bright
fly me towards the golden light
free my soul from all constraint
harbour and remove it's taint


safe and sheltered in your wings
a freeing toll your call thus brings
softly now I lay my head
upon your black and feathered bed 



Baked in a pie?
                        I think not.


Well, as always....

Remember To Say I Love You





  1. Thanks for featuring my photograph in your post!


  2. bird art make me happy. thanks for sharing these and thanks for choosing my flock of birds art for your collection. :)

  3. Thank You so much for including my Raven bowl in this Stellar Celebration of the Glorious Black Bird!! Raven in my Totem animal and I have him/her all over the place in my house. People have just come to accept that....!
    Raven is the "journey bird", bringing light into dark and darkness and mystery to light, it bridges the gap between the 2 worlds. You mention "Fortunes told by the size of the flock..." and that harkens back to the old saying of "Counting Crows: One for Sorrow, 2 for Joy, 3 for Girls and 4 for Boys...."

    Thank You again for including me...I am absolutely honored!!

  4. I would like everyone to know that if your art is featured in this post it was already a favorite of mine. I did not go searching for "randomness" of birds. I truly adore each piece here. I hope to hold true to that in each upcoming post.

    Hugs and Happiness to All.


  5. Yipeee! You finally have a blog! Love it! xoxo